QHSE Policy

Committed to Quality

Understand and meet the needs and expectations of our customers, Suppliers and Employees.

Ensuring the safety and welfare of our staff and the protection of our assets.

Ensuring the prevention of any impact on the environment resulting from our actions.

Complying with all relevant Environmental, Health & Safety legal laws and other requirements.

Periodically review the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness or the QHSE management system.

To maintain work equipment in a safe state and provide both safe systems of work and a safe working environment for employees and all who work on our behalf

Strive to prevent any incidents, occupational illness or exposures which could cause harm to people and damage to properties and assets and the environment and maintain Emergency Plans to reduce risks and adverse effects.

To identify the hazards (the potential for ham) assess the risks (the likelihood of that harm being realized) and manage those risks.

Make every effort to protect the environment and prevent pollution, to minimize consumption of materials, to promote reuse and recycling of wastes and adopt best practice on waste management.

Strive to achieve continual improvement of the QHSE management system and related performance.

To prevent accidents, and cases of work-related ill-health.

Providing the necessary resources for the implementation of the Management System.

Ensuring procedures, program and guidelines arc in place to support the QHSEMS.

Communicating the Company's QHSE policy and Objectives to relevant parties including its employees and customers.

Ensuring Line Management commitments to the QHSEMS.

Establishing and maintaining a documented Environmental, Health and Safety management System (QHSEMS) that will meet International standards by end of this year.